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IFF is a global leader in the creation of fragrances. Our fragrances are a key component in many of the world's finest perfumes and best-known consumer products brands, including beauty care, fabric care, home care, and personal wash products.

At IFF, innovation is part of our DNA. Our consumer research gives us insights into what people really want and need. Our scientists and engineers then create the molecules, processes, and delivery systems that will bring those ideas to market. Our proprietary encapsulation technology, which consists of individual fragrance droplets coated with a protective polymetric shell delivers superior fragrance performance throughout the product lifestyle and has applications across several product categories. And our exclusive polymer delivery system, PolyIFF, is a “solid fragrance” technology allowing us to add scent to functional or molded plastic.

We have a structured entrepreneurial culture that allows our employees to develop and express their creativity in ways that meet the needs of our customers as they build their local and global brands around the world. Today's consumer is demanding more and we help our customers provide more.

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