Global procurement


IFF’s procurement professionals collaborate with all stakeholders to assure that we supply compliant, consistent, safe and responsibly sourced and sustainable products at the right time. When it comes to procurement expertise, we will ensure competitive advantage through continuity of supply, a culture of innovation and prudent risk management.

We achieve this by establishing effective external and internal partnerships, demonstrating category excellence, ensuring best practices in people management and utilizing best-in-class tools and market intelligence.

For more information on vendors and invoicing

Below you will find basic information so that your invoices are properly formatted and sent to the correct processing center. This will ensure that the payment process will run smoothly.

For more information on responsible sourcing

Responsible sourcing is a key part of IFF’s broader sustainable strategy. We seek to ensure that we source raw materials that respect the environment and support the people and communities that are part of our global supply chain. As part of this effort, we are requiring our vendors to follow the requirements laid out in our Vendor Guidelines below.