Strategy & outlook

Our Vision 2020 strategy, announced in 2015, focuses on building differentiation, accelerating profitable growth, and increasing shareholder value.

The strategy has four pillars:

  • Win Where We Compete
    Our goal is to achieve a #1 or #2 market position in key markets and categories, and with specific customers.
  • Innovating Firsts
    True to our legacy of pioneering firsts, we will strengthen our position by driving differentiation in priority R&D platforms.
  • Become Our Customers' Partner of Choice
    We will attain “commercial excellence” by further providing our customers with in-depth, local consumer understanding, industry-leading innovation, outstanding service and the highest quality products.
  • Strengthen and Expand the Portfolio
    We will actively pursue value-creation through partnerships, collaborations, and acquisitions both within our industry and through adjacencies. These opportunities will allow us to tap into areas of expertise beyond the walls of IFF, leading to additional growth.

The three enablers to our Vision 2020 strategy are:

  • Talent and Organization - with investment in our people, R&D and our Commercial organization.
  • Continuous Improvement - with a relentless focus on finding efficiencies and streamlining processes to reinvest in the business.
  • Sustainability - strengthening sustainable practices and becoming the leader within our industry.