We are driven by discovery. Our R&D brings deeply specialized insights to our customers. We are constantly looking for new challenges – and developing new-to-world solutions to answer them.

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Meet Our Scientific Advisory Board

Led by Dr. Gregory Yep, Executive Vice President, Chief Global Scientific & Sustainability Officer, the scientific advisory board brings together world class, multi-disciplinary, external views to enhance our R&D program and outperform our innovation strategy.

“Technological advances and discoveries that help differentiate our customers’ products are critical to our success. Our R&D function is the incubator of these innovations and the Scientific Advisory Board provides important and diverse points of view that lead to fantastic solutions for our customers.” -- Andreas Fibig, IFF Chairman & CEO

We collaborate with some of the world’s leading art and fashion schools to tap into the creative minds of the future leaders of fashion and design, and partner with scientists, writers, artists, musicians and film-makers to expose ourselves to new and constantly evolving creative territories and approaches.

Our passion for exploration drives us to seek out new scientific partners as we co-create unique solutions that reach consumers all over the world.