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Our Do More Good™ Plan is a fundamental component of our success as a company.

It drives our strategic efforts to embed environmental, social and governance—plus sustainable solutions (ESG+)—into everything we do.

It is a pledge to our customers, stakeholders and to each other that we’re always striving to exceed expectations and fulfill our purpose to do more good for people and planet.”

Erik Fyrwald
Chief Executive Officer
Our ESG+ Strategy

The Do More Good Plan

Supported by a set of ambitious 2030 goals, our Do More Good Plan comprises of four interconnected pillars that capture the areas where we believe we can have the greatest positive impact:


Sustainable Solutions

Advancing responsible sourcing and empowering our customers to achieve their sustainability objectives


Climate & Planetary Health

Leading on urgent climate action by reducing our environmental footprint across our operations


Equity & Wellbeing

Creating a safe, inspiring and inclusive workplace that supports all employees to grow and achieve their full potential


Transparency & Accountability

Conducting our business with the highest integrity through a robust and transparent corporate governance framework

2023 At-A-Glance


consecutive year as a North America constituent  

Top 1%

of companies assessed for third consecutive year

1 of 450+

companies named  for the fourth consecutive year


Countries maintained EDGE Move level certification

1 & 10

Named #1 American, #10 Global for gender equality


consecutive time in the Gender-Equality Index

Top Performance Highlights


scope 1+2 GHG emissions since 2021


natural ingredients certified For Life by ECOCERT 


of women in management roles


total recordable incident rate since 2021


completion rate on annual business ethics training

Sustainable Solutions

We deliver innovations and solutions that transform industries and empower our customers to achieve their sustainability objectives – beginning with our commitment to responsible sourcing and then leveraging our world-class R&D program to drive environmentally and socially conscious innovation. By 2030, we aim for all new IFF innovations will have a sustainability value proposition.

As of 2023, 91% of new innovations had a sustainability value proposition based on IFF’s Innovation for Sustainability (I4S) Scoring Methodology.

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The Life Cycle Benefits of our Products & Services

Through life cycle assessment (LCA), we know our products often provide environmental benefits through their performance during the use phase.

IFF’s own environmental footprint has a proportionally small impact compared to the scale of positive benefits and avoided burdens we enable for our customers and the final consumers through our sustainable solutions (aka our “handprint”).

Customer value chain
(Our Handprint Opportunities)
wheel1 wheel2 wheel3 wheel4 wheel5
Spotlight: Ambient Yogurt
IFF has developed a new ambient yogurt solution, which can be stored at higher room temperature than standard dairy yogurt, reducing energy use and contributing to a reduction in GHGs.
Reduced distribution impacts through more concentrated or ambient stable products
Spotlight: Stable Liquid Enzymes
Through advanced protein engineering, IFF has created stable liquid enzymes that work effectively in liquid detergents without being affected by other ingredients, ensuring strong cleaning performance while enabling washing at lower temperatures. 
Healthier and/or more sustainable products, e.g., requiring less energy and water or generating less waste
Spotlight: Designed Enzymatic Biomaterials™ (DEB)
IFF has developed a technology called DEB for use in many household items. Unlike traditional, synthetic polysaccharides, DEB-enabled products can be biodegradable and enhance circularity, while offering the purity and consistency required by our customers.
Circularity though renewable and biodegradable offerings and less waste
Spotlight: Plant Based Proteins
IFF has expanded its number of cradle-to-gate LCA studies for plant proteins, leading to detailed carbon, water and land use footprint data for a range of protein concentrates. This transparency allows our customers to understand their value chain risks and opportunities, as well as to utilize fewer and more sustainable raw materials.  
Alternative and more sustainable raw materials and ingredients
Spotlight: Brewing Enzymes
Our portfolio of brewing enzymes can help brewers lessen their environmental impact in various ways – from cutting back on water and energy usage to reducing GHG emissions and land use while unlocking optimal results.
Higher efficiency and fewer emissions

Our Avoided Emissions Methodology

Through the use of IFF solutions, we estimate that we enabled customers and consumers to avoid approximately 24.6 million tonnes of CO2e emissions in 2023.

This amount represents approximately 16 times more CO2e emissions than generated through IFF’s own Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions. 


16 times
IFF’s emissions

Climate & Planetary Health

Our science-based approach to environmental sustainability across our own operations includes investing in energy-efficient systems and expanding our use of renewable energy as we work to achieve net zero Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions by 2040.

We partner across our value chain to reduce our footprint by advancing our climate action strategies, reducing our water use and striving for zero waste to landfill.


Our Green Teams

1. Memphis, TN, USA Green Team

Memphis, TN, USA Green Team

Led a project to upgrade a boiler on site, which both increased output on the site boiler operations and now saves ~1.4 metric tons CO2e annually.

2. Pargua, Chile green team

Pargua, Chile Green Team

Cleaned up the beach on the coast of Pargua Bay – next to our IFF site, collecting ~60 kg of waste, including recyclable glass and aluminium.

3. TPS_Exterior_Victoria Ward (1)

Philadelphia, PA, USA Green Team

Installed an air scrubber to control water loss during non-business hours (when no production is occurring), saving ~706K gallons of water/year.

4. Jamsankoski, Finland Green Team

Jamsankoski, Finland Green Team

Introduced a condensate heat recovery system to aid the hot water cycle system, projected to save ~400 MWh (100 MT CO2e) in its first full year.

5. Bomlitz_Cyclists

Bomlitz, Germany Green Team

Created a 40-person cycling team for the Walsrode CITY CYCLING competition and won with +10K km travelled – saving 1.5 tons of CO2e in the process!

6. Sohna, India Green Team

Sohna, India Green Team

Utilized unused facility space to grow and share vegetables with employees, with a weekly rotation plan to ensure equal distribution of produce at the site.

Equity & Wellbeing

We are committed to creating a safe, inspiring, and inclusive workplace that supports all employees to grow and achieve their full potential.

We’re increasing our focus on talent acquisition, employee engagement and retention programs; integrating diversity, equity and inclusion into how we operate; and always striving for zero workplace injuries or safety incidents.

We are proud to be a top-performing company in the U.S. and globally on gender equality. We are certified as EDGE Move level globally, confirming equal pay for equivalent work (i.e., no statistically relevant gender pay gap in favor of men) in 27 countries assessed in 2023, representing ~90% of our employee population.




As of the end of 2023, women at IFF make up 37.5% of our global workforce and 27% of executive management.


Engaging our Employees through Colleague Communities 


employee resource groups


engaged participants


events in 2023



creates an inclusive space where women can advance their skills and leadership potential through connection, mentorship, collaboration and discussion.

8 1


makes IFF stronger through better representation, advancement and inclusion of colleagues of Latin and Hispanic cultures and their allies.


SERVE@IFF (Supporting Emergency Responders and Veterans Engagement)

offers a supportive setting for employees who serve or have served their communities in selfless, and at times, dangerous situations.



leads the way in sustaining a culture that welcomes our LGBTIQ+ colleagues in bringing their authentic selves to work and celebrating Pride around the world, while ensuring IFF remains an inclusive workplace for all colleagues.

Next Gen Option


fosters the personal and professional development of IFF’s early career professionals and emerging talent through the support of a strong community of worldwide peers and allies from across the business.

Black Excellence

BE@IFF (Black Excellence)

advocates for and support an inclusive and equitable environment for all Black/African American employees at IFF and beyond.

LI Size Adjustment

ACE@IFF (Asian Colleagues for Equity, Empowerment & Excellence)

promotes an inclusive and empowered environment for colleagues of Asian heritage and their allies.


AccessAbilities @IFF

provides a community for colleagues who care about disability, learning differences, special needs or neurodiversity, whether for themselves or as a caregiver to a child, relative or friend.

Transparency & Accountability

Conducting our business with the highest integrity is essential to fulfilling our Do More Good vision.

Our robust and transparent corporate governance framework is designed to ensure compliance with our policies, as well as with laws and regulations. Our employees are expected to act ethically, speak up and seek advice when in doubt, and our leaders are accountable for upholding our values and advancing toward our goals.


Double Materiality*

An important part of our Do More Good Plan is to drive continuous improvement in the transparency of our annual ESG disclosures and KPIs in line with stakeholder expectations.

In 2023 and early 2024, we conducted a double materiality assessment, allowing us to evaluate our company’s impact on the environment, economy and people (“impact materiality”), as well as understand how the environment, economy and people impact our company (“financial materiality”).

“Materiality” as used in our ESG reporting does not correspond to the concept of materiality used under U.S. securities law or other applicable laws and does not represent any determination by the Company that any of the content contained in this presentation is “material” for purposes of U.S. securities law or in the context of financial reporting or IFF’s financial results.

Our Assessment Process  

Current state assessment 

Built a comprehensive set of potential material topics and an initial register of IROs, informed by the current internal and external context of our company.

Our Assessment Process  

Stakeholder engagement 

Engaged internal and external stakeholders and captured cross-functional views of the key ESG-related IROs related to each potentially material topic.

Our Assessment Process  

Impact, risk & opportunity analysis

Assessed potential and actual IROs associated with the topics identified in phases 1 and 2.

Our Assessment Process  

Topic prioritization 

Evaluated, synthesized, consolidated and visualized the findings from Phases1-4 to determine material topics for IFF.

Our Assessment Process  


Validated results internally to gain buy-in, approval and plans for implementation.


Double Materiality Matrix

A total of 19 material topics were identified across four categories, which align with the four pillars of IFF’s Do More Good Plan. The final matrix reflects the importance of these issues in terms of their impact on IFF, versus IFF’s impact on those issues, and we use this representation to guide our strategy and reporting.

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