We embrace our responsibility as stewards of tomorrow

"Our pioneering spirit … inspires a limitless vision of our ability to lead transformational changes." -- Andreas Fibig, Chairman & CEO

With the release of our 2015 sustainability report “Creating a Sustainable Future”,  we invite you to join us as we celebrate important milestones on the path to our new sustainability vision and strategy. As an enabler of IFF’s Vision 2020 business strategy, sustainability is essential to IFF’s long-term growth. Together, we create the future we want.

Our Vision and Strategy of Sustainability

To lead positive transformational changes toward a regenerative, healthy and abundant world. 


Explore our sustainability vision, strategy, and aspirational goals further with this helpful guide.



We’re proud to be recognized as one of the top green companies in the U.S.
IFF's Vision and Strategy of Sustainability
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Sustainability Accomplishments

Sustainability in Action

We're explorers, dreamers, doers - and responsible neighbors. We want to bring sustainable operations and steady job creation to each of the communities where we operate.

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Pioneering Firsts in Sustainability

We have opened the first wind turbine in our industry at our Tilburg, Netherlands facility. Together with the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates, the facility is 100% powered by clean, renewable electricity.

Transformation is the essence of IFF’s sustainability vision. We believe that renewable energy provides benefits for our climate, our health and our economy and is simply the right thing to do. Let's pioneer the future we need.