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IFF Launches Sustainability Brewing Calculator to Unlock Savings and Reduce Environmental Impact

June 27, 2024

Breweries can transform the brewing process with faster decision-making on raw materials, optimizing their operational efficiency.

COPENHAGEN ─ June 27, 2024 – IFF, a global leader in food and beverage, home and personal care and health, today announced the launch of its pioneering Sustainability Brewing Calculator, simplifying sustainable decision-making for brewers. The new online tool reveals how adjustments to raw material inputs can lead to substantial savings in water, energy, CO2 emissions, and land use.

“IFF is dedicated to pioneering innovations that help our customers succeed in their markets, and do so responsibly,” said Todd Krieger, Sustainable Solutions director at IFF. “Our Sustainability Brewing Calculator is a testament to our ongoing commitment to providing solutions that support sustainability at every level of operation.”

This launch is part of IFF’s broader commitment to sustainability, which aims to address global challenges such as climate change and resource scarcity.  The Sustainability Brewing Calculator was designed with environment and economic considerations and delivers actionable data that can assist brewers in making informed decisions benefitting both their businesses and the planet. Furthermore, the tool uses Life Cycle Assessment methodology and available sustainability data to simulate adjustments in brewing recipes, providing outputs such as potential reductions in water and energy consumption and decreases in carbon emissions. By adjusting a recipe to include a higher percentage of locally sourced raw materials, brewers can lower costs, support local agriculture and, in most cases, minimize overall environmental impacts.

“The brewing industry has long faced challenges in sustainability, particularly in energy and water use,” said Karine Dedman, marketing category manager, Brewing and Distilling Enzymes, IFF. “Our new calculator empowers brewers with precise, easy-to-understand data on the benefits of sustainable raw materials. It clearly outlines potential savings of adjusting the raw materials mix.”

Backed by extensive research, the Sustainability Brewing Calculator has already helped several breweries implement successful changes with scientifically sound and practically viable recommendations, leading to significant operational improvements and cost savings.

By inputting simple information, the tool provides users with a clear and comprehensive view of how intended changes can impact their beer production’s environmental footprint. The calculator’s dashboard quantifies sustainability benefits in real terms ─ per year or per unit of beer production (hectolitres or BBL). This includes potential water savings (in litres, compared with Olympic-sized swimming pools), energy savings (in kWh, compared with the energy required to service households), CO2e savings (in kWh, compared with trees planted), and land use savings (in kilometres square, compared with football pitch areas).

Based on the intended raw material inputs and required outcomes, brewers will be able to download a comprehensive report containing the data they have tested using the digital tool. The report also includes a guide to IFF’s enzymatic solutions like LAMINEX® (reducing viscosity and improving downstream beer filtration), AMYLEX® (ensuring fast and efficient starch conversion) and BCLEAR™ (ensuring robust stabilisation).

IFF invites all brewing professionals to explore how the calculator can make a difference in their production processes and environmental footprint. The IFF Sustainability Brewing Calculator is available now and can be accessed online here.

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