Expediting Speed-to-Market Through a Centralized Innovation Team

Our industry leading investment in R&D, along with our global footprint, uniquely positions us at the intersection of science and creativity.

We’ve centralized the innovation team to work nimbly and effectively across business units and market segments. This allows us to take full advantage of our scale and our employees to experience a broad range of challenging opportunities and build a custom-fit career trajectory.

Our centralized team enables us to rapidly deploy talent where it’s needed most. This facilitates speed-to-market for our customers, an imperative in a fast-moving consumer world. Collaborating across scientific disciplines enables new insights that lead to continuous improvement that is necessary for strong growth.

Casper Vroemen
Casper Vroemen,

"I'm proud to lead a global team of scientists working on transformational technologies in health and biosciences. They are leaders in focused technology areas of biotechnology, such as microbiome, gene editing, machine learning and fermentation. Their commitment to cutting edge science, our customers, the greater good and each other is inspiring. They set the bar within our industry."

– Casper Vroemen, SVP, R&D


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Maintaining a Rich Heritage of Customer Collaboration

The bond we share with our customers and colleagues is the catalyst for innovation and our shared success. We’re dedicated to responding to customer and world needs with speed, skill, and creativity.

Our heritage of customer collaboration has helped IFF products add sensorial and sustainable experiences to the most-loved consumer products worldwide.

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Innovating for Sustainability

From operations to human resources and sourcing, sustainability is woven into all our endeavors. Building sustainability factors into all our innovations amplifies our impact on people and the planet.

Our ability to innovate for a better world is an exciting aspect of being part of our team. From improving consumers’ nutrition, health, and wellness to providing energy-saving ingredients to everyday home care products, these innovations help make the world a better place and demonstrate our purpose in action.

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Investing in Biotechnology Innovation with Patents

Our Continuous Innovation Powered by Patented Technologies

Within our portfolio of over 11,000 patents and pending applications, around 70% of those are for technologies related to health and bioscience.

Jen Johnson, EVP, General Counsel, shares how this investment and commitment ensures we can continuously provide these pioneering technologies.