Inspiring a new generation of product solutions driven by shifts in consumer behavior

The Home Care market is vast and we have the largest portfolio of ingredients in the industry to provide the enzyme and scent technologies to help our customers create market-leading products for the home.

Nothing is as important as your home. We fully believe this and work hard to ensure our products help enhance and enrich the experience in and around where you live. That’s why we partner with local and global customers to develop market-leading products in laundry, cleaners, candles and more.

As leaders in the industry, we have the largest portfolio of ingredients to design creative scent solutions, as well as the enzyme and scent technologies needed to deliver high performing products for the home.


laundry freshness

82% of U.S. consumers are looking for freshness in a laundry product


home care

73% of U.S. consumers find a laundry product that also refreshes the house attractive


fresh scent

51% of U.S. consumers indicate a fresh smell when doing the laundry is the most important touchpoint



Our unique solutions complement consumers’ natural drive for instant gratification, delivering products with industry-leading performance that transcends generational expectations to satisfy a diverse, dynamic, and demanding consumer base.​


Enzymatic Solutions

Exceptional enzyme technology for laundry & dish to effectively and sustainably address market and customer needs.

HomeCare-Fragrance Solutions-472×330

Fragrance Solutions

Using our extensive ingredient palette, our team of perfumers, scent designers, human & consumer insights experts, and R&D scientists join forces to blend art and science to create extraordinary sensorial experiences that impact every aspect of our daily lives.

Home Care-Encapsulation

Encapsulation Technologies

Our robust portfolio of Encapsulation Technologies helps provide a superior fragrance experience and delivers controlled fragrance release in home care products such as cleansers and detergents.

Innovation Spotlight: INFINITIFF ™

InfinitIFF™ is an encapsulation technology that delivers continuous fragrance release for up to eight hours. Our polyurea encapsulation technology releases oil when stimulated by physical movements, thus improving and prolonging the freshly laundered fragrance experience.