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We believe in the power of our people and giving them an opportunity to grow.

Employee development is a key part of our strategy and culture. IFF University offers a learning architecture that is accessible to every employee.

We are developing the next generation of talent, from pioneering perfumers and flavorists, to R&D scientists, engineers and executive leaders and applying science and creativity for a better world.

As our legacy grows, we’re taking stock of everything we’ve been—and discovering all that we can become.

Explore our Leadership and Learning Programs

Leadership Development empowers participants to become forward-looking, inspiring and capable decision-makers, agents of change, and great leaders through a variety of programs and partnerships. As part of this platform, we partner with INSEAD, one of the world’s leading graduate business schools, to help participants explore new business opportunities, new markets and enhanced profitability models.

We empower our employees to take ownership and to work with passion and integrity. Our teams are empowered to make decisions, drive change and to help the entire organization thrive. Our management essentials program is our hands-on approach to management and leadership best-practices.

We’re always imagining new ways to innovate and excel, driven by a belief that the world can be better. Our curriculum provides a consistent framework for employees to honor this legacy and continue their professional development.

Our online learning resources enable an array of courses and trainings that can be leveraged virtually by individual employees around the world.

  • Named in honor of legendary IFF perfumer and mentor Ernest Shiftan, our internal perfumery school is known as the Shiftan Progam.
  • We are proud to offer the first and only accredited program of its kind, a Master of Science in Scent Design and Creation, in partnership with ISIPCA.

Our Scent Development Group School is global training program that goes beyond primary responsibilities to foster creative excellence for Scent Managers.

Our Flavorist School is a 3-year program designed to develop flavorist excellence in the development of new and existing flavor lines for Taste, Food and Beverage.

Our Sensory University is designed for global sensory evaluators who make decisions based on odor, taste and appearance to ensure quality control for our solutions.

MSc Scent Design & Creation

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