Sustainable Development Goals

We support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a common framework and call to action to achieve a more sustainable and equitable future for people and planet. The SDGs provide a critical roadmap to securing a socially and environmentally sustainable future, and we believe the business sector is uniquely positioned to achieve real progress against these goals.

While we embrace and support all 17 SDGs, we have identified five that are most aligned to each pillar of our Do More Good Plan and where we believe we can add the most value. We have made significant progress in our work to support the SDGs and we are continuing to do our part to drive transformational change.


Sustainability goals


  • We have affirmed our commitment to gender parity by being the first company to receive global Move-level certification twice from EDGE, the leading global assessment and business certification for gender and intersectional equity, following individual assessments in 27 countries. Learn more about our EDGE certification here.
  • We are supporting initiatives for the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women by signing the U.N. Women’s Empowerment Principles.


  • We are tackling food waste and food loss by developing upcycled ingredients that utilize waste side streams from manufacturing processes. Learn more about our commitment to Upcycling here.
  • We are promoting sustainable lifestyles by enabling our customers to offer products with a reduced environmental impact (IFF’s “handprint”). Learn more about our Sustainable Solutions here.
  • We are supporting the responsible management of chemicals through a strong governance framework for product responsibility. Learn more about our Ethics & Compliance policies here.
  • We are reducing our own waste generation as part of our Do More Good Plan goal to achieve zero waste to landfill status at major manufacturing facilities by 2030. Learn more about how we are managing waste here.
  • We are encouraging our suppliers to integrate sustainability information into their reporting cycle as part of our science-based target for greenhouse gas emission reductions. Learn more about our Scope 3 emissions management here.
  • We are building awareness of sustainable development and helping to facilitate sustainable patterns of consumption and production through our community programs. Learn more about Supplier Partnerships here.


  • We are integrating climate change measures into our strategies and planning, such as increasing our use of renewable energy at our facilities. Learn more in Environment here.
  • We are reducing our greenhouse gas emissions in line with a science-informed strategy. Learn more in Environment here.
  • We are innovating our products to shrink our environmental footprint by embedding a circular mindset throughout our company. Learn more in Sustainable Solutions here.
Goal 13


  • We are promoting sustainable terrestrial ecosystems and combating land degradation through our commitment to sustainable palm oil and ensuring our palm oil supply chain does not contribute to deforestation, biodiversity destruction or human rights abuses. Learn more about Responsible Sourcing here.
  • We are mobilizing resources to support sustainable forest management through community engagement, as shown by our programs in Haiti, Indonesia and Madagascar, which are focused on reforestation, establishing seedling nurseries and providing guidance on forest resources management. Learn more about Supplier Partnerships here.
  • We are increasing the capacity of local communities to pursue sustainable livelihood opportunities through our community programs, such as our For Life certification programs for smallholder farmers that support strong environmental and social practices. Learn more about Supplier Partnerships here.
Goal 15


  • We are reducing corruption and bribery in business through robust ethics and transparency programs that are grounded in our Code of Conduct and tracked by our IFF SpeakUp hotline. Learn more about Ethics & Transparency here.
  • We are developing effective, accountable and transparent institutions, as well as supporting inclusive decision-making, through our commitments to corporate governance and our 2030 Do More Good Plan goal to launch ESG metrics tied to executive compensation and expand oversight for ESG at the Board of Directors level. Learn more here.
Goal 16

Report Library

Read more about how we are contributing to sustainable development in our 2022 ESG+ Report