Aligning our Innovation Portfolio With the Market Outlook

In today’s beverage market, demand for healthier and better-for-you products has never been higher.

Consumers are seeking beverage products with lower sugar, added functional ingredients, clean labels, and plant-based innovation. In the alcohol scene, the low-alcohol segment is growing, offering sophisticated alternatives to an expanding sober-curious consumer base.

At IFF, we shape our innovation portfolio around the rapidly changing beverage market of today and tomorrow. We offer complete Beverage innovation capabilities, with an advanced portfolio of technologies for healthier and cleaner products, affordable solutions, and industry-leading sensorial experiences.


Delivering end-to-end product innovation, from concept to consumer. IFF’s innovative approach combines advanced insights, recipe design, and taste expertise to meet and exceed consumers’ expectations. We leverage our extensive industry-leading product portfolio to become the essential partner for the next generation of food and beverages.

a glass of mojito

Innovation Focus

From lowering sugar and alcohol to developing functional and clean-label products, we offer an end-to-end portfolio of innovative beverage capabilities.

Our Re-Imagine and Re-Master innovation programs deliver market-relevant and cross-category solutions to address the Beverage industry’s greatest challenges. Our RE-IMAGINE WELLNESS™ innovation program delivers IFF FLAVORFIT™ Taste Modulation tools for great-tasting, healthier beverages. RE-IMAGINE PROTEIN® provides convenient system blends for plant-based beverage design. Along with upcycled ingredients from RE-IMAGINE WASTE™ and clean label texturants from RE-IMAGINE CLEAN™, we have merged our industry-leading capabilities to become the essential partner for the next generation of Beverages.

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