Reinventing Conventions in Beauty & Personal Care with Green Science

Welcome to a new generation of beauty. At IFF, we are driving transformation in the beauty and personal care industry with a focus on natural ingredients and sustainable processes, backed by cutting-edge science. ​

The beauty and personal care industry is ever evolving, with new and innovative trends entering the market every year. The need for a more sustainable industry is now more important than ever, with consumer expectations driving this change:​


of female consumers would pay more for personal care products made with natural /organic ingredients​ [1]


of South African consumers find themselves wanting to learn more about things more than they used to (brands, social matters, etc.) [3​]


Microbiome beauty is one of the biggest skincare trends, with 72% of consumers interested in products to help repair the skin barrier [2​]


From personal hygiene and deodorant to skin and hair care, we work at the cutting edge of artistry and science to apply new discoveries at every opportunity and find ways to do more good every day. ​

We use this potent combination to partner with the world’s leading brands in creating innovative products with enhanced sensorial, hygienic, wellness benefits – providing endless possibilities for consumers to crave.​

Through a global network of industry-leading R&D centers, vertically integrated naturals platforms and creative centers, we develop a wide array of award winning ingredient and scent solutions for a range of cosmetic and personal care applications to help transform ideas into impact.​

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[3] 2022 Global Beauty and Personal Care Trends​


Powered by scientific expertise and R&D, insights, and planet-forward principles, our active, functional, and fragrance ingredients and solutions, provide an extraordinary palette for creative expression, pure bliss, resetting the standard on quality and inspiring consumers everywhere. ​


Health & Biosciences

Inspired by nature and​ distinguished by its world-class bioscience and microbiome​ capabilities, our H&B group develops​ products that deliver safe, healthy,​ and sustainable solutions for​ customers around the world. ​



A global leader in creating and supplying superior fragrance experiences and cosmetic actives for fine fragrances, consumer product goods, and beauty brands, Scent awakens the senses and leads the sustainability transformation for positive environmental and social impact. ​


LMR Naturals

LMR Naturals by IFF, our natural ingredients platform, embeds circular design and green chemistry in both the manufacturing and new discovery of sustainable ingredients. With strategic sourcing platforms certified For Life and Fair for Life by ECOCERT, LMR ensures the best environmental practices and biodiversity protective actions.​

Discover our new formulation collection featuring upcycled ingredients

Discover “Up!”


In support of eco-conscious beauty, Wastar™ Pink Berry, honored as an In-Cosmetics® Global “Best Ingredient,” is an upcycled botanical extract, rich in bioflavonoids, designed to soothe irritated scalp.

Wastar™ Pink Berry is preservative free, COSMOS-approved, vegan-compatible, and halal certified.

WASTAR Pink Berry 578×565
Reinventing Beauty & Personal Care

“I want to bring comfort and happiness into people’s lives through the simplest of things: a body lotion, a fresh shampoo, using all the facets of sensuality, bringing back happy memories. I want to create their life’s best ally, one that makes you smile, laugh and love.”

Dennis Maroney, Master Perfumer
The Role of Fragrance

"The role of fragrance is even more important than it’s ever been, especially when it comes to products because it now has an invisible benefit where its even morphing into a healthy, hygiene and protection role because it’s a signal now related to all of our products."

Christina Christie, Senior Perfumer​


Our fine fragrances business focuses on perfumes and colognes, creating global and local namesake brands, from high luxury to mass market, from market-leading to ultra-niche.


Home Care​

We have the largest portfolio of ingredients in the industry to provide the enzyme and scent technologies to help our customers create market-leading products for the home.