Creating a Better World

Our Purpose: Applying science and creativity for a better world.

Creating a better world at IFF means understanding how we can leverage our business, performance and partners to Do More Good for people and planet. At the same time, our colleagues are galvanized to rethink conventional wisdom and to embrace their role in contributing to a better world where possibilities are endless.

We are proud of how our responsibilities to people, planet and product are translating into progress.


Equitable Representation

Our robust Diversity & Inclusion program, where Your Uniqueness Unleashes Our Potential.


Inclusive Colleagues

Learn more about how we are unleashing the potential of every individual through our Inclusive Colleague program here.

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Human Rights

Our commitment to human rights wherever weoperate

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Supplier Partnerships

Our strong relationships with the communities we work with

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Climate Change Emissions

Mitigating the effects of climate change through emissions reduction.

Energy Management

Energy Management

Finding innovative ways to manage our energy use using renewables.

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Water Management

Developing strategies to reduce our water footprint.

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Waste Management

Reducing our waste, including our commitment to zero waste-to-landfill.

Product: What We Do

Our responsibility to investors, customers, consumers and the communities where we source and operate is to deliver sustainable products ethically, transparently and safely. We do this through:


Responsible Sourcing

A responsible sourcing program focused on collaboration and trust.


Sustainable Solutions

A passion for product innovation, including the use of green chemistry, circular design, life cycle assessment and upcycling.

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Ethics & Transparency

A commitment to product safety across everything we do.

Progress: Why It Matters

As a business, we are helping to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable, equitable and better world by taking a leadership role in delivering positive change. We are proud of the progress we have made.


Industry Leadership

Remain humbled and proud of the awards and recognitions we have received for our commitment.

Strategy And Reporting

Strategy & Reporting

Build on our long history of reporting on our progress and continue to be transparent with our stakeholders.

The 'Do More Good Plan'

Report Library

Read more about how we are contributing to sustainable development in our 2023 ESG+ Report

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