Inspiring Lives by Blending Science and Creativity

Innovation is our lifeblood and we have a long history of game-changing breakthroughs. We’re working with industry leaders to improve lives through discovery. This purpose unites and inspires us globally to create a better world by blending science with creativity.

Our innovation process is customer-backed, market-driven, and informed by our proprietary IFF Panoptic Framework trend intelligence tool. We work across broad consumer market sectors by focusing on:

  • Health and wellness
  • Food and nutrition
  • Sensorial experiences
  • Sustainable, circular solutions

Our market-driven and trend-forward approach allows us to bring innovation through our Re-Imagine programs, such as Re-Imagine Wellness™, that are aligned with breakthrough trends.

Wellness is a consumer trend that transcends our product lines and customers. The Re-Imagine Wellness™ program format enables us to manage innovation through a dynamic lens that looks forward to fast-moving consumer behavior.

Enabling Rapid Resource Deployment

We’ve centralized several of our core science capabilities to promote rapid resource deployment and amplify our knowledge. The scientific tools we’ve developed are universally applicable. Delivery systems are a good example of this because they are essential across many end-use segments and to our customers.

We take an integrated approach to innovation and we boast the broadest array of capabilities in our industry and beyond. These capabilities include our unsurpassed expertise in:




Delivery systems


Regulatory compliance

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Advanced digital tools

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Applying Science and Creativity to Better Our World

Inspiration for innovation matters to us. That’s why we use a sophisticated process to evaluate and advance our rich technological pipeline. We are committed to speed-to-market processes that benefit our customers.

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Our Commitment to Building Sustainable Innovation

We’re guided by a united commitment to do as much good as possible through ambitious aspirations and aggressive targets that reflect our combined strengths and expanded capabilities.

Advancing Scientific capapbilities

Advancing Scientific Capabilities Through Open Innovation

We plan to engage with emerging start-ups and new markets by investing in open innovation and augmenting our scientific capabilities.