The equity and wellbeing of our people is core to our fabric

Creating a better world is intrinsically connected to how employees and our supply chain partners can thrive under the IFF umbrella.

We offer an array of competitive benefits to meet the diverse needs of our employees and their eligible dependents. From healthcare to holidays, our aim is to help our employees enjoy happy and healthy lifestyles, while maintaining a good work-life balance.

As an industry leader, we are proud to offer competitive salaries, benefits and total rewards program for our employees.

In 2020, we achieved a Global EDGE Move Certification, which confirmed equal pay for equivalent work in 21 countries assessed. We conduct a pay-gap assessment twice per year by country and trainings with people managers to ensure gender bias is not a factor in annual compensation planning or decisions.

IFF’s Parental Leave Policy sets a global minimum of 16 weeks of fully paid leave for both men and women, placing the Company at the top 10% of Fortune 500 for leave policies.

Driving equity and wellbeing across our entire organization is important to us. We adapted our workplace culture through the launch of the Future of Work program in 2021, a hybrid work model to provide employees with four work options:

  • Anchor: for employees whose work is 100% tied to a specific location and/or function and cannot be done remotely (five days per week at worksite)
  • Agile: for employees who regularly work with other team members onsite or require access to labs/technology at a dedicated site (two to five days per week at worksite)
  • Flex: for employees whose work is not based on specific physical ties to space and/or location, as they are collaborating with onsite teams less frequently (one to three days per week at worksite)
  • Remote: for employees with the ability to work anywhere because their work has no ties to the physical space and most collaboration can be done virtually (zero to one days per week at worksite)

Our people are on the front lines of identifying ways to do more good and operate sustainability. At IFF, applying science and creativity for a better world would not be possible without our colleagues and team members, who play a key role in delivering on our Company purpose statement. By tapping into their creativity, passion, and expertise, we know we can build a brighter future, together.

Through Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), green teams, social and networking groups, we empower our people to transform our workplace and our world.

Even with our demonstrated track record of creating safe environments where our people can be their authentic selves, whether in-person or virtually, we aim to do more.