Creating Value & Enabling Sustainable Growth to Do More Good for People & Planet

Since our sustainability program began in 2010, we have made significant progress in achieving our purpose: applying science and creativity for a better world.

Creating a better world at IFF means understanding how we can leverage our business, our performance and our partners to Do More Good for people and planet. We see the positive impact our company is having on our global value chain, while meeting our business goals, and we do not intend to rest on our laurels.

IFF’s new environmental, social and governance (ESG) roadmap, the Do More Good Plan, is a set of ambitious 2030 targets for our operations and supply chain comprised of four “ESG+” areas of action:

  • Environmental
  • Social
  • Governance

+ Sustainable Solutions

DMGP Framework

Through this strategy, we aim to transform how we design and manufacture our products and incorporate the Do More Good mindset into the way we responsibly engage with our employees, customers, suppliers and communities.


Environmental: Climate & Planetary Health

To support environmental stewardship, science-based climate action and regenerative ecosystems, our ambition is to achieve Net Zero GHG emissions by 2040 and to be climate positive by 2050. To pace our progress, by 2030 we will:

  • Reduce emissions across our operations by 50% below 2021 levels
  • Verify zero waste to landfill for all major manufacturing facilities
  • Achieve zero deforestation for strategic raw material supply chains, beginning with palm, soy and wood

Social: Equity & Wellbeing

We have a social responsibility to care for our people and communities. By 2030 we aspire to:

  • 50% women at all organizational levels, including the Board of Directors
  • 40% people of color in management roles in the U.S. by 2030, with equitable representation in other markets globally
  • All global and local policies and practices are fully inclusive of LGBTIQ+ Colleagues
  • 5% of our workforce will be People with Disabilities and 100% of physical locations, internal and external technology, policies and process will be fully accessible for People with Disabilities.
  • World-class safety performance
  • Prosperous and equitable value chains through responsible sourcing
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Governance: Transparency & Accountability

Ensuring the highest standards of ethics and integrity, we will champion accountability in all that we do, while continuously improving our ESG performance. By 2030 we will:

  • Increase the transparency of our annual disclosures in line with stakeholder expectations
  • Link annual ESG KPIs to executive compensation
  • Expand oversight for ESG governance at the Board of Directors level

Sustainable Solutions

Beginning with circular design principles, we are driving breakthrough innovations to support health & wellbeing while lightening our environmental footprint on the planet. By 2030 we will:

  • Ensure all new innovations have a sustainability value proposition that supports people and planet
  • Allow customers and consumers to save 50 times more CO2e than generated at IFF’s own manufacturing sites
  • Enable customers to achieve their own ESG goals by delivering an expanded suite of sustainable solutions

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