Ethics, Honesty and Integrity Throughout the Supply Chain

Our supply chain is broad and complex – from raw material sourcing to manufacturing, quality assurance, regulatory compliance and distribution. We source thousands of ingredients from suppliers around the world and are committed to doing so responsibly.

Through innovation, collaboration and industry leadership, we work to continuously improve the strength, transparency, traceability and diversity of our supply chain in order to provide our customers with consistent quality products while helping them achieve their own sustainability goals.



We seek to ensure ethical practices in our supply chain, reduce impact to the environment and support workers and grower communities. We do this through:


Commitments and policies

related to responsible procurement and supplier engagement


Systems and partners

that support our own and our stakeholders’ sustainability commitments



of materials by credible, internationally recognized, third-party frameworks

Featured Documents

Sets forth the basic requirements a vendor must meet in order to maintain a business relationship with IFF.


Strategic Raw Materials

As a global business, we know we have an impact on and can influence the markets we serve. For this reason, we strive to source materials that have been certified by credible, internationally recognized, third-party environmental and social responsibility certification programs.


Supplier Partnerships

We strive to improve the environment and quality of life in the farming communities where we source, helping to make them more biodiverse, stable, resilient and prosperous. For select strategic natural raw materials, we join with third-party experts and IFF suppliers to implement programs that address environmental and social challenges specific to the local community.

supplier partnerships

Human Rights

IFF is committed to conducting business in a way that respects the human rights of workers around the world.

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We source nearly 30,000 different raw materials from more than 10,500 suppliers in approximately 93 countries. This network helps us assess, prioritize and drive sustainability throughout our supply chain.


CDP Supply Chain

IFF is a longstanding member of CDP Supply Chain, through which we invite suppliers to complete the CDP climate change questionnaire about their GHG emissions. Our goal by 2030 is to engage 400 suppliers on climate and water reporting. In 2023, we requested 249 of our strategic suppliers to disclose through the CDP Climate Change questionnaire, of which 188 responded and disclosed (or an approximately 76% response rate).



IFF is a member of the Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS), a global multi-stakeholder organization founded in 2006 that promotes the growth of production, trade, and use of responsible soyIFF purchases RTRS-certified soybeans and RTRS credits to cover all GM soybean volumes sourced in Brazil, a direct contribution to responsible soy and we are committed to source from deforestation and conversion-free soybeans and soy white flakes by 2025.



Assessments and audits by TfS cover issues such as labor and human rights, working conditions, and the environment. As a member, we utilize TfS guidelines to improve sustainability practices across the supply chain.

Featured Certifications

ECOCERT’s For Life program recognizes an organization’s adherence to a set of rigorous sustainability criteria. As of 2023, we have 71 natural ingredients certified For Life by ECOCERT, including geranium oil from Egypt.

Farmer on his land