Launching Technologies and Ingredients to Satisfy the Future Market

Consumers are seeking richer, more authentic sensorial experiences, as well as affordable and convenient options to suit their active lifestyles.

At the same time, rising awareness of healthy habits and nutrition, combined with declining trust in traditional sources, is shaping a growing need for health and transparency across the industry.

At IFF, we’re pioneering technologies and ingredients to meet the challenges of today’s market landscape. We advance Culinary innovation through our unmatched portfolio of solutions for natural and clean label ingredients, healthier convenient options, and rich, authentic taste experiences.


Delivering end-to-end product innovation, from concept to consumer. IFF’s innovative approach combines advanced insights, recipe design, and taste expertise to meet and exceed consumers’ expectations. We leverage our extensive industry-leading product portfolio to become the essential partner for the next generation of food and beverages.

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A Dynamic Virtual Design Experience

Embark on an immersive journey into the future of plant-based product design.

  • Explore the virtual IFF PRODUCT DESIGN™ builder to design your own plant-based dish in Augmented Reality
  • Discover IFF’s extensive ingredient portfolio, unveil advanced market insights and concept inspiration
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Innovation Focus

Whether you’re developing a new sauce recipe or a plant-based ready-made meals, we’re an essential partner for the next era of Culinary Product Designs.

With a broad innovation focus in natural and clean label ingredients, shelf-life extension, healthy nutrition, and affordable food, we create Culinary solutions for a range of customer needs.

We also pioneer technologies for plant-based food, taste, texture, and nutrition, as well as modulation technologies for reduced salt, sugar, and fat. Combining our end-to-end portfolio with advanced application expertise, we deliver unparalleled Culinary Product Designs of all kinds.

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Discover the rich and savory taste of umami craved around the world, transforming ordinary meals into extraordinary taste experiences. Explore more about IFF umami solutions that combine culinary artistry, analytical science, biology, and sensory data, to craft authentic umami taste.

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