Discover a Savory World with IFF Umami

Umami is a rich and savory taste we all innately know and love. From a steaming bowl of ramen to homemade pizza with fragrant tomato sauce, umami is a flavor component that transforms ordinary meals into extraordinary taste experiences. While common in beloved Japanese ingredients like soy sauce and seaweed, it’s enjoyed in every cuisine around the world, from sundried tomatoes in Italy to mole in Mexico.

One of the five basic tastes our receptors can detect, umami can be described as a savory, satisfying taste that adds depth, balance, and complexity to food. This innate preference for umami has deep biological roots, as it signals the presence of essential protein needed for healthy development and organ function, starting from infancy with mother’s milk.

The savory world of IFF Umami


At IFF, our approach to umami extends far beyond a single molecule or flavor—instead, it’s about combining culinary artistry, analytical science, biology, and sensory data to craft authentic taste experiences.

SENSORY RESEARCH: It all starts with examining the interplay of sensory elements, led by a deep understanding of the complex taste of food and drivers of umami. Starting from the perception of glutamate on the tongue, we use technology to identify and recreate authentic umami taste in a range of culinary applications.

BEST-IN-CLASS PORTFOLIO: With an extensive portfolio of umami capabilities, we offer the tools needed to shape the entire taste profile. Through IFF PRODUCT DESIGN™, our customers can leverage our expertise, umami infrastructure, and advanced sensory insights, so we can co-create industry-leading products together.

CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS: Every customer has a unique set of needs and challenges. That’s why we customize our offerings to provide design support, competitive pricing, and consistent product performance to ensure their umami products stand out in the market.


We combine advanced culinary science with the artistry of taste, leveraging our established R&D expertise in fermentation and biotechnology to create a game-changing umami portfolio. Our in-house chefs and Product Design teams use this proprietary toolbox to elevate flavor, aroma, and satiety in a range of savory food applications.



Our umami taste solutions haven proven to be at least 10 times more impactful than traditional glutamate sources, packing an even bigger umami punch. From optimizing cost-efficiency to reformulating without MSG, our culinary experts work with customers across the entire product development and manufacturing process to deliver savory profiles tailored to their unique goals.

Noodle Bowl


As consumers increasingly seek familiar and recognizable ingredients, the demand for clean label savory foods is rising at a rapid rate. We offer a comprehensive toolbox of umami capabilities providing richness and exceptional taste in clean label and “no added MSG” products.


Explore Our Umami Expertise


Bouillons, Stocks, and Gravies

Rich, flavorful bases add depth and deliciousness to culinary dishes around the world. From savory broths to flavorful gravies, we offer solutions for umami-rich bases in both liquid and dry formats.

Chickpea bowl


Soups are a comforting favorite around the world. With our extensive umami toolbox, we help you create hearty, flavorful soups in both dry and liquid formats.

Noodle with Fork

Instant Noodles

Consumers around the globe love instant noodles for their comfort and convenience. Whether you’re reformulating your product or pioneering bold new taste, we can help you deliver crave-worthy umami in every bite.

Chicken with rice

Ready Meals

Ready meals can transform a quick lunch or dinner into a culinary experience. Our umami offerings deliver home-cooked taste, without compromising convenience.

Plant based deli sandwich

Processed Meat

Processed meats provide the rich, savory taste consumers crave. With our range of umami tools, we can take your meat products to the next level with added depth of flavor.

meat in cast iron

Meal Sauces

From rich Bolognese to fragrant Thai curry, sauces elevate everyday pasta and noodles into delicious taste experiences. With our umami solutions, you can craft rich and robust favorites that delight consumers.

“Umami sensory preferences are always local, and you can create a flavor that a local consumer panel really likes. But, to create a flavor craved by food-lovers in that region, it’s all about umami modulation.”

– Roberto Faria, Senior Savory Flavorist, IFF