Propelling Growth Through Innovative Partnerships

With the pace of innovation accelerating, our world faces monumental challenges that demand speed, agility, and seismic change. To keep up, we’re reimagining the core of our business and embracing disruptive ideas in innovation.

No single company has all the answers when it comes to meeting the needs of such a dynamic market. This is why collaborations are a vital component of our business strategy as some of today’s most groundbreaking innovations are coming from external sources such as start-ups.

Our approach to open innovation is comprehensive and reflects this new reality. We have a team of venture professionals dedicated to identifying and connecting with start-ups so that we are harnessing the most cutting-edge scientific and creative breakthroughs available.

Partners in Innovation:

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Securing partnerships is critical while developing a transformative new technology like IFF’s Designed Enzymatic Biomaterials (DEB).

According to Christian Lenges, Venture Director, Health & Biosciences, this is the phase of innovation where “the rubber meets the road” – or where you start getting real-life insights into customer interest.

“These partnerships proved that there were others that believed in this innovation as much as we did, willing to commit resources and work alongside us to help turn this ground-breaking biotech research into a commercial reality.”