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We partnered with the world’s premier perfumery school to offer the first and only accredited program of its kind. This partnership combines our creative legacy with the proven academic excellence that has forged ISIPCA.

Scent Design and Creation

This highly selective Masters level graduate program immerses students in the foundations and pioneering advances of the profession. Classes are held at ISIPCA’s state-of-the-art campus in France, the historic heart of perfumery culture.

Students who complete the program receive a diploma from ISIPCA.

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ISIPCA (Institut supérieur international du parfum, de la cosmétique et de l’aromatique alimentaire) was founded by Jean- Jacques Guerlain in 1970, and is the leading university dedicated to educate students and professionals for careers in perfume, cosmetics and food flavors.

Located in Versailles, near Paris, it offers undergraduate Bachelor’s and professional Masters degrees, continuous education, and research services.


Taught by a vibrant and passionate faculty of industry experts, students gain an understanding of the fragrance culture and industry as they learn how to make perfume.

Classes include intensive and extensive study of raw materials, history of perfume, and market knowledge — plus courses on consumer insights, creativity, and personal development. The program is enriched with marketing safaris, pedagogical visits to Grasse to experience mimosa in bloom and IFF’s LMR atelier, with its 100% pure and natural extracts, and commitment to environmental management and sustainable development.

IFF Insight sessions open the doors for students to meet perfumers, scent design managers, sales and marketing experts from around the globe, sharing their personal perspectives and inspirations and passion for the world of fragrance.

The program includes an Internship at IFF where each student is mentored by a senior IFF perfumer and students learn from on-the-job experience.

Students who graduate from this program will be well prepared for a range of careers including fine or consumer fragrance perfumers, evaluators or scent design managers, technologists, marketing or sales professionals, and many related roles.

Specialized Internship opportunities apply classroom learning to on-the-job experience.

The Scent Design and Creation student has the heart of an artist, is inherently curious, and is driven by a fire within to push boundaries. They are also grounded in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics, and proficient or fluent in English. They share the dream to make perfume and be part of this exciting industry.

The program is highly selective with a specific admission process.

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Bachelor or minimum 2-3 year degree in Science, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Engineering, Biochemistry or Mathematics.


This program is taught in English, and fluency is required.


€10,250 per year


€200, payable to  ISIPCA online

  1. Applications open January 2024 – prospective students must complete and submit application directly to ISIPCA by
    MAY 31, 2024. Early applications are recommended.
  2. Application Review/Phone/Video Screening with select candidates
    TIMING: MARCH – MAY 2024
  3. Olfactive Intelligence Test®, Creative Presentation, Interview with Selection Panel
    *IFF will arrange for travel to an IFF Creative Center most convenient for applicant.
  4. Student Selection and Notification
    First Round: JUNE 2024
    Second Round: JULY 2024
  5. Start of school
    OCTOBER 2024


All applications must be submitted directly to the ISIPCA website.

STEP 1  Go to the ISIPCA site

STEP 2 Submit Completed Application

STEP 3 Submit Application Fee (€200)

First Round: JUNE
Second Round: JULY
Start of school: OCTOBER 2024

All applications must be submitted directly to ISIPCA through its website.

STEP 1  Go to the 2024 ISIPCA Application
STEP 2 Submit Completed Application
STEP 3 Submit Application Fee (€200)

What Our Students and Graduates Say

"My favorite author, Colette said 'Perfume is a poem to be breathed in. I am breathing this every day in the Scent Design and Creation Masters program!"

– Eléonore Oyane Nang, Scent Design & Creation Masters Student
What Our Students and Graduates Say

"Attending ISIPCA meant dropping everything to move overseas and committing three years to a subject I knew very little about. Yet somehow — at the same time – it was the most obvious choice. That's how it was for me, and that's how it was for my entire class, which felt more like a family than anything else."

– Andrew Everett, Junior Perfumer, New York
What Our Students and Graduates Say

"The world of Perfumery has always been a haze of illusion for me. The ISIPCA Scent Design and Creation program opened the gate and lead me into that world, and the experience has been the light that illuminated my path to become a perfumer."

– Hyunmin Shin, Apprentice Perfumer, Singapore
What Our Students and Graduates Say

"My experience in the Scent Design and Creation program was one of my most valuable experiences. I loved learning from my multicultural classmates, teachers and mentors at IFF. The program has helped me take important steps to achieve my goals."

– Sumukha Kashyap, Scent Design Associate, Singapore
What Our Students and Graduates Say

"My two internship mentors came over to my graduation from the Netherlands, and they kindly shared their advice on the importance of believing in myself. I also learned from my experience at ISIPCA that understanding and accepting the difference is one of the keys in the international environment, and this insight will help me to work all over the world in the future."

– Shinichiro Oba, Junior Perfumer, Singapore
What Our Students and Graduates Say

"Getting accepted into the Scent Design and Creation Masters was one of the most trying experiences I have had, but attending this program for three years with very multicultural classmates and living abroad added a new perspective to life that was absolutely worth it. I'd describe my experience as the steppingstones to the accomplishment to my dreams."

– Alexander Aboyade-Cole, Apprentice Perfumer, Hilversum, The Netherlands
The Inaugural IFF-ISIPCA MSc Scent Design and Creation Graduation

"We are very proud of having trained so many of the world's most successful and influential perfumers, including many at IF F."

– Marie-France Zumofen, Directrice, ISIPCA

"We know being successful in the fragrance industry today requires a broad range of interpersonal skills and market knowledge that complements a strong technical olfactive foundation. The marketplace is more global than ever – and that people from all over the world can learn from each other and together develop collaborations and relationships that have important new and meaningful results. We have great respect for ISIPCA's reputation and expertise and know that together we will build a unique partnership that will educate and prepare students for success in careers in the world of fragrance"

– Valery Claude, Global Head of Innovation, Scent, IFF