Awaken the Extraordinary Senses for a Better World

Against a backdrop of purposeful creation, our artists of perfumery reimagine the world around us, transforming how we experience emotions and sensations, and reevaluating what it means to be human.

At the center of IFF discovery is the extraordinary human, who inspires us to connect mind, body, and spirit; function and pleasure; self and others.

Now, at the cross-section of virtual and physical realities, we amplify human connection to advance our multidimensional existence. Scent becomes a superpower for crafting meaningful experiences that elevate human potential. Through holistic scent design, we are creating new possibilities with a unique ingredient palette, technologies, and a collaborative innovation approach.

Expect the unexpected. Awaken the extraordinary human. Awaken the extraordinary senses.

L’Atelier du Parfumeur, Grasse

IFF and its Atelier du Parfumeur offer our perfumers and brands a haven for creation, interactions and collaborations. It is a living space, designed for innovation and perpetual evolution, incubating olfactive topics, new business models, and adaption to the discoveries and inspirations it prompts. Each piece of vintage furniture was handpicked for its history and each gesture naturally merges technology with craftsmanship, heritage, and modernity.

The Atelier du Parfumeur is intended to inspire, question, and unite both industry experts, and broader audiences, by allowing the public to meet perfumers engaged in their art during open-door sessions.


The IFF Livings™

In 1985, Dr. Bradja Mookherdjee, a passionate believer in the unique beauty of naturals, invented the Living Flower technology. Through the use of Solid Phase Micro Extraction, he enabled us to capture and study the aroma components of a flower at its peak to recreate its fragrance.

Today, Mookherdjee’s legacy can be clearly seen throughout the IFF Botanical Gardens on the IFF R&D campus in Union Beach, New Jersey. The largest botanical garden with scents, it contains over 2,000 plants that aid in continuous research and allow us to further explore the beautiful world of naturals.





extreme climate tolerant plants


tropical species (fruits, flowers, jasmines, gardenia, etc.)


aquatic florals


hydroponic specimens including 20 aeroponic


unique living accords in our library

IFF's R&D greenhouse and botanical garden can maintain tropical and subtropical temperatures for more than 1,300 varieties of exotic plants.