Innovative, sustainable fragrance solutions

We offer decades of experience understanding natural products and perfecting the process of transforming naturals ingredients.

This enables the final delivery of the highest quality, at the best cost, from our team of in-house experts who work relentlessly on all stages of development of naturals: vegetal selection, cultivation methods, harvesting practices, breakthrough extraction processes, and refinement techniques.

Sustainable at Heart

Together, we create the future, leading positive transformational changes toward a regenerative, healthy and abundant world.


For Life Certification

Two of our sites are For Life certified by ECOCERT, which recognizes an organization’s adherence to sustainability criteria relating to transparency, environmental responsibility, sustainable agriculture, fair and safe working conditions, human rights, and relationships with producers and local communities.


Responsible Sourcing

We strive to improve the quality of life in farming communities, helping to make them more stable, resilient and prosperous. we work with our local partners to understand the economic, social, and environmental issues to bring specific responses to these issues, with a long-term view of our commitment.


Vertical Integration Model

We use our vertical integration model to share our biology, agronomy, extraction and chemistry knowledge with leading experts in each sourcing region, to provide our customers and consumers with sustainable and high-quality ingredients that move the world.

Renewable Ingredients

We are committed to the intentionally design of our products to continuously support well-being, to have a positive contribution to society and to the environment within a circular economy.

To achieve such positive contribution, iff is proud to offer the most extensive range of renewable ingredients, supplying key building blocks as well as high impact specialty molecules. Our renewable origins can be traced back to the development of ingredients such as Geraniol and Vertofix.

We are further supported by world-class R&D, a global manufacturing network, and outstanding regulatory and quality teams. Our sites comply with international standards, including ISO 22000 and ISO 9000.

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