Utilizing Modern Biotechnology to Develop Sustainable Products, Solutions, and Tools

Driven by our purpose to do more good for people and planet, we take a holistic approach to sustainable growth. Working at the edge of modern biotechnology we’re continuously advancing sustainable, socially-conscious innovation across all the industries we serve. Not just enabling our customers to meet their sustainability goals and achieve market success, but also improving the environmental footprint and wellbeing of millions globally.​

As Catalysts for Good, we will transform tomorrow with bioscience.


Catalyzing the Future of Sustainable Brewing

We’re proud to support our customers with solutions that reduce their environmental footprint – including allowing for significant water savings.​

Learn how IFF master brewers use enzymes to offer innovative solutions to help the industry meet its sustainability goals.​


Designing Laundry Enzymes for the Greater Good​

Detergent makers face a constant juggling act to meet performance expectations, maintain eco-friendliness, comply with regulations, and stay competitive. ​IFF has applied breakthrough protein engineering expertise to develop a new portfolio of robust and stable enzymes specifically designed to meet these challenges with needs This is performance. Naturally better.​

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A Greener Fuels Future Is Everyone’s Responsibility​

We support our customers in converting agricultural-based products such as corn, wheat, rice and cassava into food and feed ingredients, potable or fuel alcohol and other industrial products.​

Without biofuels, we will not get to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.​

See how our enzyme and yeast technologies enable our customers to lower their water, energy, and chemical usage to decrease inputs – and raise profitability.​


The Science of Sustainable Animal Production

​For over 40 years, Danisco Animal Nutrition & Health has helped livestock producers resolve the nutritional and health puzzles at the heart of antibiotic-free and sustainable production.​

See how we are building on this heritage and applying our potent combination of science and creativity to drive sustainable animal protein production.​