Our Home Care Solutions

Science and creativity are at the heart of our business and, along with our unique portfolio of ingredients as well as our enzymes, global footprint, innovative technologies and customer intimacy, we play a vital role in the global household care supply chain.  This is why our products can be found in almost every soap and detergent product in your local store.


Our leading fragrance capabilities and our state-of-the-art enzyme technology both ensure fit for purpose delivery and performance. We create unique solutions and offer differentiated products to the customers in the Home Care Industry.


Biodegradable Innovative Enzymes


Fragrance Ingredients & Blends

The markets in which we compete require constant innovation to remain competitive. Consumer preferences tend to drive change in our markets, and as science evolves and sustainability continues to be a key factor to customers and consumers, we must continue to strengthen our research and development platforms and adapt our capabilities to provide differentiated products.

We believe that the first step to creating an innovative and unique product experience begins with gaining insight into the consumer and emerging industry trends. By developing a deep understanding of what consumers value and prefer through our consumer insight programs, we are better able to focus our research and development and creative efforts.

Our consumer science, insight and marketing teams interpret trends, monitor product launches, analyze quantitative market data and conduct numerous consumer interviews annually.

Based on this information, we develop innovative and proprietary programs to evaluate potential products that enable us to understand the emotional connections between a prospective product and the consumer. We believe this ability to pinpoint the likelihood of a product’s success translates into stronger brand equity, resulting in increased returns and greater market share gains for our customers as well as for IFF.


Science of Wellness

Our Science of Wellness program addresses consumers’ desires for a more holistic approach to their wellbeing.  The program builds on more than forty years of proprietary research analyzing the correlation between fragrance and its impact on emotion and wellness, and is designed to guide the creation of scents that support science-based consumer wellbeing with emotional, cognitive and physical benefits.

Through the combination of neuroscience and consumer perception data, a best-in-class fragrance palette, and the use of an in-house artificial intelligence tool, our perfumers design scents that elevate the home care space.


The Science of Wellness