IFF > IFF and IRCAM Amplify Study Shows Consumer Online Purchase for Perfume Driven by Sound

IFF and IRCAM Amplify Study Shows Consumer Online Purchase for Perfume Driven by Sound

April 06, 2023

IFF and IRCAM Amplify Study Shows Consumer Online Purchase for Perfume Driven by Sound

PARIS, France – April 06, 2023 – IFF today announced an in-depth study conducted with IRCAM Amplify‒a Paris-based sound research and design lab‒demonstrating a strong link between sound, smell, emotion and consumer behavior.

The research highlights the auditory-olfactory association in an online purchase experience. Study results show that sound increases the purchase intent for scent by 58 percent in an e-commerce setting, and it also invokes a deep emotional connection with a scent.

“Increasingly, consumers are making more online purchases, and this scent-tech revolution will allow brands and retailers to introduce new scents online and accelerate business growth,” said Christophe de Villeplée, president, Scent, IFF. “It will also present efficient solutions for consumers to discover a new scent digitally, providing a great user experience.”

A world leader in scent creation, IFF has a long history of understanding the multi-sensory dimensions of fragrances, using a combination of neuroscience, more than 40 years of gathering consumer data and an in-house AI tool. The research with IRCAM Amplify demonstrated that the use of science-based sound design helps consumers better imagine the emotions and sensations of a given fragrance, without them actually smelling it.

“Our innovative science-based sound creation expertise, combined with IFF’s expertise in perfumery science, paves a new route for scent in the e-commerce space,” says Nathalie Birocheau, CEO of IRCAM Amplify.

Beyond fine fragrances, the smell-sound sense approach is also applicable in the home and beauty product categories where scent plays a key role to awaken the extraordinary senses.


Ircam Amplify
Ircam Amplify was created to achieve the very best of innovation in audio research from IRCAM – Centre Pompidou available to companies and new use cases. RCAM – Centre Pompidou, the Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/Music was founded in 1977 by Pierre Boulez as a venue of cross-fertilization between science, technology and music creation. Today, it is one of the world’s premier centers of expertise in the realm of sound.

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