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An Innovative Ice Cream System for the Next Era of Dairy

May 17, 2023

Addressing global challenges like price sustainability and taste with innovative solutions is something we do every day at our creative centers and lab. Our new CREMODAN® GREENPRO 101 Modulator Enhanced System does just that providing an affordable and sustainable option for ice cream manufacturers. Launched in Europe Middle East Africa Turkey and India it maintains the indulgent quality of products while reducing costs and ingredients’ carbon footprint.

CREMODAN® GREENPRO 101 is part of our suite of CREMODAN® frozen dessert solutions. We’ve built quality taste and texture into this family of products at multiple levels from raw material sourcing manufacturing and customizing the functional properties to nutrition targets with no compromise on stability and texture.

Our new system addresses very current concerns. According to Euromonitor demand for ice cream is still growing yet high-quality brands have seen a drop in sales volumes over the past year driven by increased production costs and price-sensitive consumers (who have switched to low-cost alternatives). In addition 30 percent of ice cream launches in Europe had a ‘environmentally friendly product’ claim in 2021 versus 21.5 percent in 2020 according to Mintel.com.

“The raw materials that influence cost most are milk and fat” explained Karla Alves IFF’s food and beverage senior dairy designer who served as the technical leader for this innovation. According to Teagasc the Agriculture and Food Development Authority providing research advising and training services to the food industry in 2022 saw the average price of raw milk rose 44 percent in the EU alone. “We wanted to reduce the fat amount from eight percent to five percent and skim milk powder by 40 percent—almost half the amount of protein as in regular ice cream” said Alves. Reducing dairy also reduces energy and packaging usage.

This posed a challenge. While consumers might want less-expensive ice cream they’re not prepared to compromise on taste. However our team had an answer. “We used special emulsifiers and modulation to support essential elements like creaminess and texture” said Alves maintaining the luxurious ice cream experience that’s usually provided by milk and fat.

In fact this new system is the first innovation from IFF to combine an ice cream stabilizer system (for optimum creaminess mouthfeel and melting properties) with a pioneering flavor-modulating technology in one synergistic blend—and it achieves its goal reducing recipe costs by up to 25 percent. It’s also designed for swift recipe reformulation and ease of use.

We also “brought our milk and fat reduced ice cream made with our new modulated system to consumers to see what they thought” said Alves. “The result? They confirmed the indulgent quality flavorful taste and texture was a pure delight.” In addition a cradle-to-gate Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) shows up to 30 percent reduction in the carbon footprint of raw material ingredients used in manufacturing ice creams.

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