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Solutions for Smoke Flavoring: How We Can Help You Replace Smoke Condensates

May 07, 2024

Setting the Scene:

When biting into a succulent piece of barbequed meat or the extra hint of flavor you get when crunching into a trendy snack, that smoky taste is crucial. So, when rules and regulations are put into place banning smoke flavorings from your favorite products, it will cause a bit of a stir in the industry. The European commission will not renew the authorizations of smoke primary condensates which are currently used in foods in the EU to introduce a smoky taste. This means that smoke flavorings will no longer be allowed to be used in foods for the EU market. Transition periods of 2 or 5 years (depending on the application) from the 1st of July, 2024 will be installed allowing food producers to remove these smoke flavorings from their product recipes. So, it is important to know what options are available to bring smoke taste profiles to your products and how we at IFF, can help.

Solutions to Replace Smoke Flavoring:

Smoke condensates have been used in the food industry for decades. Smoke condensates add impact and complexity to the taste of the food composition they are used in. It’s not an easy job to deliver a similar smokey taste profile without these ingredients and still deliver on the expectations of consumers. To restore the familiar complexity and depth in a smoke flavor we can pull from our extensive taste ingredient portfolio consisting of extracts, natural reaction flavors and natural preparations and combine these with single taste molecules. Our experienced Culinary Creation and Technology teams can utilize our smoke taste ingredient portfolio to customize a smokey flavor concept to the specific end-product, whether it’s for a tangy BBQ sauce, a succulent Frankfurter or a delicious snack seasoning. This results in a product that mimics the balance and harmony of the original smoke profile, without the use of smoke condensates. We utilized this expertise and our portfolio when customers asked us to assist in removing smoke flavorings from their products. We have helped in the replacement and the restoration of the original taste and are now assisting customers with their formulations to prepare for the expected legislative change.

Smoke-Free Flavor Collection:

Our smoke-free flavor collection provides you with a broad-spectrum of smokey taste profiles available for you to finetune and make taste improvements to your current product formulations. This collection consists of 6 of the most familiar smokey taste profiles, which are available in powder and liquid formats and meet “flavoring” or “natural flavoring” declarations in compliance with the European Flavoring legislation.

Discover our Smoke-Free Flavor Collection below: 

Ashy smoke – Smokey taste with a lingering astringency

Phenolic smoke – Medicinal smokey taste with a touch of warm spice

Wood smoke – Complex and traditional taste of burnt wood

Brown smoke – Burnt, caramelized with less extreme blackened character

BBQ smoke- Blackened with a grilled charcoal element

Black smoke – Extremely blackened character through charring

Need help replacing smoke condensates? Connect with Us:

This is a challenge our industry is facing, and we are here for you, as your partner, every step of the way. We are confident that our Smoke-Free Flavor Collection offers you flexibility and convenience in achieving your preferred Smokey taste profile. We are here to help you in this process and make reformulation as simple and efficient as possible. Connect with us to learn more about our new collection of smoke taste profiles and together we can develop consumer’s preferred products, click here.