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Solutions For The Orange Market: How We Can Help You

January 19, 2024

Setting the Scene:
“Trying to pinpoint the cause of the increasing cost of citrus is impossible – it is a combination of a lot of things.” IFF’s Global Director of Innovation, RE-MASTER CITRUS™, Karel Coosemans explains. It’s a combination of climate effects from events like freezes and hurricanes, diseases in orange trees in Florida and Brazil, inflation in South America and high competition for resources in the citrus belt in the US. All these factors have worked together to create the current orange market our industry is facing”.

So, what can we do to help you combat the skyrocketing cost of orange juice and keep producing high quality beverages your customers love?

Solutions for Skyrocketing Orange Juice Costs:
At IFF, we have a dedicated team to help you easily adjust your formulations and give you options based on your goals.

Reduce the Juice:
If your goal is to reduce the amount of juice in your product, we can help to reduce juice level while keeping the great taste, flavor and mouthfeel of your product with our flavor, modulation, texture and color offerings. For instance, Hantie Vos, IFF’s Design Team Leader for Beverage in Europe, discusses a common customer request due to the increase in cost of juice, “We have been able to reduce juice content from 12% to 6%. But just reducing the juice content is not the only goal”. Utilizing our IFF FLAVORFIT™ taste modulation toolbox, we can improve the sweetness perception and bring back mouthfeel. IFF texturants can further improve the consistency without adding juice content, while IFF Natural Colors provide a similar visual experience. “Our team can make a product that goes from a 12% juice inclusion to a 6% juice inclusion taste like the original 12% juice inclusion product. However, if the goal is to reduce the amount of juice from a 50% juice inclusion to a 15% juice inclusion, the product we can show you will be just as delicious but would be considered a new product – which is also an option”. Hantie says it best, “Tell us your problem and we will find a solution for you!”

Replace with Other Options:

Need to keep your juice percentage the same?
We can replace the amount of orange juice in your product and add another juice, keeping your percentage of fruit juice the same, but reducing the amount of orange juice included. Genaro Estrella, Design Team Leader located in Dubai, discusses utilizing other fruit juices like mandarin, which taste similar to orange juice or white grape or apple juice that are more neutral tasting that we can add flavor to. For example, “if you have 20% orange juice, we can move to 10% orange juice and add in 10% white grape juice and add flavors, to keep your juice percentage the same and your product just as delicious”. Genaro continues, “We use what you are able to source and make it taste, look and feel like your original product before the orange market changes occurred.”

Set on Orange Juice?:
For customers needing to keep their 100% juice content claim, we can accommodate that as well and can assist you with the regulatory implications. We can use juice or concentrate from oranges from other parts of the world, that may not be as sweet, but we are able to add our sweet modulators to make the juice taste sweeter and masking modulators to mask the acidity and bitterness and improve flavor.

Reformulating? Connect with Us:
This is a tough market we are facing and we are here for you, as your partner, every step of the way. From reformulation and conducting consumer sensory panels to running product trials in your manufacturing facilities, we are here to help you through this process and make it as simple and efficient as possible as we navigate this ever-changing market, together. To connect on our capabilities or help with your next formulation, click here.

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