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SUPRO® TEX- New Plant-based protein for meat alternative

March 01, 2023

Imagine a tender beef bourguignon a succulent chicken stir fry or spicy pork fajitas … but 100% plant-based.

This can be possible with SUPRO® TEX bringing us all closer to the world of plant-based food. It’s more important than ever because over 40% of global consumers are highly interested in meat alternatives with the same taste and texture as animal-origin meat.¹

We’re answering this growing consumer need with SUPRO® TEX the latest from IFF’s RE-IMAGINE PROTEIN® program where we accelerate the development of breakthrough ingredients and technologies to meet the needs of both the food industry and of consumers.

SUPRO® TEX is a new generation of plant-based protein that offers endless product design and formulation opportunities with its high-process tolerance neutral flavor and color. Designed specifically to deliver a similar meat-eating experience manufacturers can easily easily reproduce pieces of textured meats that are comparable to the quality of whole-muscle animal protein.

Made in irregularly shaped large dry pieces SUPRO® TEX is based on soy protein; a complete high-quality protein that’s easy to use and cost-effective for manufacturers. As a dry product it eliminates the need for a cold supply chain simplifying and reducing the cost of shipping and storage. It also doesn’t require major capital investment for manufacturers to begin production.

SUPRO® TEX - A versatile plant-based protein for whole- muscle meat alternatives pieces

Start your journey now through our AR app:

Experience SUPRO® TEX coming to life on our new Augmented Reality (AR) app. You can discover a world of endless possibilities and cook your own plant-based dish!
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From purpose to plate, get inspired with this international IFF PRODUCT DESIGN™ recipe book of innovations from our team of global designers and chefs. Cooking with plant-based, whole-muscle protein has never been easier.

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¹ Protein Report, Health Focus International, 2021.

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